'O' & 'A' Level Physics and Mathematics 

December 2019

"REKINDLE" Classes

Why you should join our December "Rekindle" Program! 

What You Get Here

What Other Centres Do

In a Small

Specialized Learning Group,

We Pay Attention to Your

Learning Needs 

Keeping to a small class size, the tutor is able to answer your queries actively during the revision workshop. 

Every student has a good unblocked optimal view of board, free drinks/snacks and a proper desk space for his/her learning comfort.

Cram 40 to 100 Students

in a room and 

Teach in a 'Lecture-Style'

Tutors do not stop for you.  If you have doubts, you will not have the chance to clarify until after the class ended. 

Sit and write on cramped chairs with flip tops for hours.

You may very well be sitting behind several rows of students, trying hard to get a good view of what's on the board.

Reasonable & Affordable Fees

Fees start from as low as $360.


1st lesson is a free trial, after which there is no obligation for students to sign up. Trial lesson is payable at HALF rate only upon registration.


NOTE: Almost all other tuition centres either make parents pay a higher one-off rate for trial lesson, or count the "free" trial lesson as the first payable lesson when you pay the fees. 

No additional material fee, admin fee or registration charges.

Exorbitant Fees Upfront & Beyond

Large 'branded' tuition centers charge similar or higher rates for a similar class with poorer learning environments. 


Many also charge material fees and a one-time registration fee.

You may be paying to join 40 - 80 students in a lecture-styled lesson with no personalized attention by tutor!

Worse of all, close to major exams, these centers sell exorbitant revision packages costing $1500-3000 to students for extra lesson hours. By then, for fear of changing tutors, parents pay through their noses for these packages.

Fully Customizable

Only need to revise certain topics? 

Just sign up for the modules you need.


Fees are pro-rated accordingly.

Pay only what's necessary for your learning needs.

Sign Up for Whole Package!

Or get out.

Many other centers will only allow you to sign up for WHOLE package. It makes economical sense for them, but not for the student or parent who has more personalized needs. 

Mentoring By a Top Tutor

with Top Accreditation

Clarence topped his teacher cohort for his PGDE NIE programme with the highest GPA and Distinction. 

Clarence graduated from Raffles JC with outstanding 'A' level results, including that for H3 Physics & H3 Math (aka 'Special' Papers), and was awarded a first tier PSC Overseas Scholarship.

Clarence has taught a diverse range of Physics & Mathematics syllabi, including GCE 'A' level (H3, H2 and H1), IB, Pre-U Cambridge, CIE AS and A2 levels, and even University level Physics. This exposure allows Clarence to give many perspectives to the students to help them better understand concepts and solve problems!

You May Not Get To 

Choose The Tutor You Want

In large tuition centers,

students are taught by tutors hired just to run the workshops. 

Often these tutors are not even former JC teachers or are not even NIE-trained. 

Many tutors merely deliver the lesson

with pre-prepared Powerpoint slides and 'reading cards',

but are unable to give real on-the-spot

personalized guidance and advice. 

"Rekindle" Class Schedule

For further enquiries, please contact us via:

Email: clarencelearningcove@teachers.org          Whatsapp/SMS:  +65-81233844

Location: Thomson V Two, #B1- 23 

(Near KUMON and HCL Education Centre)

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