A Life of Learning

From a young age, Clarence was already on the path to being a professional academic. His ceaseless curiosity, dedication to hard work and desire to share knowledge paved the way for an impressive educational background and notable career in academia.  

More than an experienced teacher, here are some of his other attributes and achievements: 

  • First tier Public Service Commission (PSC) overseas scholar.

  • First-class Honours graduate in Bachelor of Applied Sciences, University of Toronto (ranking amongst the top in the university)

  • Top JC teacher with the highest distinction in PGDE (JC), NIE. 

Clarence is a motivator, a mentor and an inspiration to many students.

Until today, many of his students still seek Clarence for guidance in their tertiary education and ask him to be their referees for scholarships and university applications - of which Clarence gladly assisted! Such are the lifelong bonds & genuine friendships Clarence build with his students. 



Our Vision is:

To create a conducive and supportive environment where we help students learn, care, achieve and grow to their fullest potentials together! 

Learning and teaching is not only important but a defining aspect of Clarence's life.

With a true dedication to sharing knowledge, Clarence's compassionate and unique approach never shies away from teaching the truth and always seeks to progressively challenge the minds of his students.


Email:          Whatsapp/SMS:  +65-81233844

Location: Thomson V Two, #B1- 23 

(Near KUMON and HCL Education Centre)

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